Hasse Persson – Studio 54

In conjunction with the 2014 exhibition in Umeå, the publishing house Max Ström and Galleri Andersson/ Sandström have co-produced the book “Studio 54”. For the first time these today almost legendary images are presented in the form of a book.

Studio 54 opened in 1977 and within just a few months it became the world’s most renowned discotheque. Although it existed in its original form only for about a thousand nights, it is still regarded as one of the most famous entertainment venues of the 20th century. Throughout history only Moulin Rouge in Paris during the 1890s can truly be compared to the impact of Studio 54. The gigantic space offered a disco environment that the world had never experienced before – everyone wanted to get in, and the line to get into the venue quickly became an attraction in itself. Even stars such as Frank Sinatra, Cher and Warren Beatty were denied entry to the grand opening. The owner Steve Rubell handpicked guests and Hasse Persson – being one of the lucky chosen ones – ended up having free access to the facility. To capture the dark premises using an analogue camera was a technical challenge. After many attempts to seize the electrified atmosphere, Hasse Persson found that if he combined the different ambient lightsources (such as spotlights and disco balls) with flashes and ultra-slow shutter speeds, he was able to capture movement on the dance floor in a unique way. The result is a series in which each image becomes a short film from a place where reality was fantasy and nothing was impossible.

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