Lucy Glendinning works in a contemporary British sculpture tradition, where different aesthetic expressions are brought together under one central entry point: the human body as a semiotic medium. For Glendinning, art is the primary tool for investigating psychological and philosophical themes. Her work is thus permeated by a conceptual content, superior to the value of aesthetics. That does not imply that the artistic performance is lacking, on the contrary, she is seducing the observing eye by emphasing subtle expressions and presenting a stunning craftsmanship. Her sculptures have a distinct introspective nature, with a beauty imbued with a disturbing atmosphere.

Lucy Glendinning, born 1964, lives and works in Somerset, England. She graduated in 1986, at the University of the West of England in Bristol, after which she worked as a mold maker for the sculptor Elizabeth Frink. Today, Glendinning is one of England’s most prominent sculptors with several major sculpture projects behind her. She has received the Landscape Institute Award twice and is the 2010 winner of the Civic Trust Award.