Stockholm, February 22–March 23, 2024


GSA Gallery is pleased to present Shahla K. Friberg’s first exhibition at the gallery. In the exhibition Remarks on Colour, we get to know her and her artistry through a series of sculptures made of glass, mirrors, and copper foil.

In the shimmer of reflection and transparency, Friberg weaves together light and shadow. These organic sculptures, made of glass and mirrors, create a dancing interplay between the visible and the invisible.

Each creation is like a collection of poetry, where emotions are reflected and distorted, and where the material itself becomes an extension of the artist’s innermost self. By obtaining inspiration from the changing forms and wild beauty of nature, Friberg creates growing compositions that exude a sense of living movement and resembling blossoming flowers or rippling seas.

The reflective surfaces capture the viewer’s attention and lead them into a changing world of light and colour. The observer becomes a part of the artwork through their physical movements, a co-creator of the shifting shadows dancing across the surface.

By experimenting with the play of light and the structure of glass, Friberg creates not only a visual experience but also an emotional journey. It’s as if each piece of glass and mirror reflection carries a story, and the viewer is free to interpret and feel into the unique world that has been created.

Shahla K. Friberg, born in 1978 in Toronto, Canada, lives and works in Skäret, Sweden. She has had solo exhibitions at places such as Galleri of Modern Art, Höganäs, Marie Kirkegaard Gallery, Copenhagen, and Edward Cella Art & Architecture, Los Angeles. She received a scholarship from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee in 2022. She has participated in numerous art fairs, including Enter Art Fair, Copenhagen Denmark, Market Art Fair, Stockholm Sweden and Untitled Art Miami, USA.

Works in the exhibition: