Mario Dilitz has the ability to bring the human form to life in a way that is both unique and captivating. Through his sculptures, he conveys human body language and manages to connect with both tradition and contemporary themes with great skill.

Dilitz’s sculptures have something mystical about them and invite the viewer into a world where beauty meets human experience. It’s hard not to notice the striking contrast between the aesthetics of the sculptures and the profound subjects they explore. With his sculptures, he takes the viewer on a journey where we get to explore the complex human existence and the contradictions and dilemmas that make up our nature.

An interesting aspect of Mario Dilitz’s work is his choice of materials. His sculptures, often life-size, are carefully created from high-quality glulam. In a way, this choice of material symbolizes the contradictions that characterize human existence. Through a careful process of destruction and reconstruction, the wood acquires a new level of stability that would not have been possible in its natural state. This transformation is visual through the visible joints created by red glue, which clearly characterizes Dilitz’s unique work.

Dilitz lives and works in Axams, which is close to Innsbruck and Munich. He continues to explore the depths of human existence through his impressive sculptures, leaving a lasting impression on all who partake of his work.