Galleri Andersson/Sandström is delighted to announce that the gallery now represents artist Maria Miesenberger.

Maria Miesenberger (born 1965) is one of Sweden’s most prominent artists in her generation. She works with photography and sculpture and explores existential subjects such as identity, body, memories and liberation, the private and the universal.

In one of her most famous projects Sverige/Schweden (1993-2000), awarded the Swedish Photo Book Award in 2011, she used her father’s photo album containing snapshots that he took when she was a child. She photographed the images again and then blotted the people out with ink so that only blackened silhouettes remained; like vast projection surfaces open to the viewer’s own thoughts, memories and experiences. A longing for working three-dimensional and controlling her own development made her start with sculpture, first in textile materials and later in aluminium, stainless steel, bronze and glass. The sculptures are often modeled after her siblings or own children and covered by a relief pattern, such as in Stilla Rörelse/Standing Motion (2012) or Change of Direction (2015) where the corneal nerve threads form a kind of bodily topography.

Miesenberger has frequently worked with public art, recent projects include the installation Reflection on the Precense of Time in Norrköping, Sweden, Moments in Motion at Enskede gård metro station in Stockholm, Sweden and an 8 meter high sculpture titled Half an Angel at Telenor Headquarters in Fornebu, Norway.