4-6 April, Liljevalchs konsthall

Galleri Andersson/Sandström will show new works by Anneè Olofsson, Jan Håfström and Lars Nilsson in an exhibition that centers on the threshold between existence and demise. A sculpture by Tony Cragg will be presented in the Market At Large section.

Anneè Olofsson’s (b. 1966) art has a penetrating quality which makes it unforgettable. In her work she repeatedly returns to her own body as an unrestricted artistic tool. In Mourning (2014), on display at Market, she is floating between two vitally crucial elements, air and water. Her body might be sinking into unknown darkness or calmly resting on the quiet surface. The feeling of an unclear exit permeates the piece and brings an uncanny feeling to its tranquility.

Jan Håfström’s (b. 1937) work has alternated between figurative and abstract painting. His artistry molds a universe of its own, based on the artist’s associations and representations of the elements of our common culture. This theme is palpable in the new large painting by Håfström that will be on display at Market.

Lars Nilsson (b. 1956) consistently explores the human cipher in his work: our impulses, intentions and obscurity. Recently he has approached the great questions of life through the creation of suggestive visions. At Market a new sculpture from the upcoming series Ghosts will be presented. The whole series will be exhibited at Galleri Anderson/Sandström in Stockholm during autumn 2014.

Anneè Olofsson, Jan Håfström and Lars Nilsson are all internationally acclaimed artists, each with their own strong artistic expression and each with a central position on the Swedish Art scene. Saturday April 5th, 5-8 pm, Galleri Andersson/Sandström Stockholm will open its first solo exhibition with Anneè Olofsson. “Until tomorrow doesn´t always come” focus on life’s unpredictability and man’s involuntary confinement. The opening is held as a part of Stockholm Gallery Night.

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