Galleri Andersson/Sandström is a proud participant of Art Copenhagen 2012, where we will present a solo exhibition with new paintings by Swedish artist Stina Rosenberg, born 1981 in Örebro.

Stina Rosenberg graduated with an MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå, Sweden, in 2009. Since then, her forceful, often large-scale, abstract paintings has been seen in several exhibitions, such as her solo exhibition at Galleri Anderson/Sandström in February 2011. Now she is taking on Art Copenhagen 2012, with her highly distinctive form of abstract expressionism.

Stina Rosenberg works intuitively, using color and form in her focused, improvised method of painting. She says: “While painting, surrounded by color, I feel most at home. The studio space grows and can house endless combinations of both this and that, there is room for everything.”

Her works are painterly stills, which embody the creative trajectory of their development. Their expression is forceful – in the underlayer, rich swaths of color are applied with large scrapers – yet at the same time sensitive, with its layers of feathery brushstrokes, frequently in broken, nearly ethereal colors. Stina Rosenberg seldom works on canvas; instead in recent years, she prefers painting on primed aluminum plates, adding a solidity to her otherwise ethereal expression.

The experience of gazing upon a painting by Rosenberg, is perhaps best captured by artist Martin Ålund, who writes: ”The connections in my mind wanders on, flying in and out of me. Elusive suggestions, alluring and elusive revelations. Nothing of what I see seems to want to stay in place. Both all and nothing is possible. There is room for both none and all stories here. The secrets can not be revealed, because then they are no longer secrets. A shape turns into a bird which dissolves into a field of color, then transformed into water, returns to being a bird, persisting in being color.”