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Anastasia Ax, “Copyright”

Stockholm, 12.5–18.6  2016

Galleri Andersson/Sandström is happy to present our first solo exhibition featuring Anastasia Ax, an exhibition produced together with guest curator Ulrika Levén.

Above all, Anastasia Ax has been acclaimed for her powerful performative installations that explore our existence and physical presence, examining concepts such as time, transience and history. Using paper, ink and plaster as a base, she builds site-specific works that completely takes possession of the spaces where they are installed. The artist’s own body plays a decisive role; as the work through her physical intervention changes continuously throughout the exhibition. After a violent, insurgent process where structures are destroyed and defiled with ink, a form of recycling takes place; the material is reformulated and sorted or completely rebuilt after a new structure and order.

Ax’s recent works also derive from the performative but have been created in the studio, without an audience. This exhibition presents two new series of works which are both based on a plain paper intended for mass consumption. They share contextual points of contact but are visually different. One series, Kathimerini, which was made during an extended stay in Athens in 2015, refers to both the country’s socio-economic situation and its cultural history. The title, as well as the material – pink unprinted newspaper commonly used for the financial section, comes from one of the largest newspapers in Greece. In the second group of works, COPYRIGHT, (which also gave name to the exhibition), there are sculptural objects whose base – ordinary packages of A4 paper – have adopted new appearances. Both series represent a form of frozen moments and engage in the underlying story of the paper itself, a story that the artist stands in dialogue with. Through the artist’s violent process, the fabricated paper has been embodied and regained an organic form and energy.

“Cyclical periods of order and chaos are events in nature, as well as in communities and our own internal processes. My art is a reflection on that flow. To letting go of structure and then, at an explosive moment, tear it down and create a new temporary reality.” Anastasia Ax