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Astrid Sylwan, “The Hermit, The Fool and The Lovers”

Stockholm, 7.1–14.12  2019

Galleri Andersson/Sandström is pleased to present its sixth solo exhibition with artist Astrid Sylwan. In this exhibition Sylwan is showing a series of new mid- to large scale paintings.

The central ability in Astrid Sylwan’s work is colour and its capacity which evoke a physical presence. She studies how the colours appear physically and how different pigments relate with each other. The starting point is a fix idea she constantly demands to challenge and evolve. By leaving the canvas on the floor, she liberates the colours material possibilities in gravity and speed and lets her body reflexively interpret the idea through closeness and movement. With thick brushes, rubber scrapers and palette knifes she gives herself to the canvas in layer-on-layer until something is recognisable, a room or a feeling. The paintings generate a language of their own of vibrant colouring, nerve and vitality.

“The paintings are about catching a volatile feeling, being in the present and reject what you think you know. Trying not to fall into the preconceived and comfortable. Out of which an honest painting appears that embrace light as well as darkness.
-Astrid Sylwan

The title of the exhibition gives us a glimpse to Sylwan’s new works. In the new series of paintings that are shown she has been inspired by Tarot cards and readings. Where the spiritual meaning, rather than the visual, express itself in the paintings light, movement and structure. The cards, as well as the paintings, can be seen as a narrative which lifts the aspects of life and brings them to the surface.

Astrid Sylwan, born 1970, lives and works in Stockholm. She graduated from Konstfack in 2005 and has left a strong impression on contemporary Swedish art. Her works can be found in the collections of Moderna Museet, Malmö Art Museum and Dunkers Culture House, along with several private collections. In recent years she has created several major public commissions, including Barkarby Gate, Alexanderbågen in Borgå and the City Line in Stockholm.