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Stockholm, February 22–March 23, 2024


GSA Gallery is pleased to present Bernd Koberling’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. The exhibition Outsight features a new series of paintings and watercolors.

Bernd Koberling’s art can be likened to a natural phenomenon, with vibrant colours sweeping across the canvas like meteorites. His paintings reflect an emotional connection to nature and deviate from traditional perspectives and spatial depth. They are images of movement and flow, where each form explodes in colour and every brushstroke contributes to these expansive fields of meteorites and radiant blossoms.

Koberling grew up among the ruins of post-war Berlin. Perhaps as a reaction to this city-dominated environment, shaped by the war years and destruction, he sought solace in distant landscapes in Scandinavia and Iceland at an early age. It’s as if he is trying to find harmony and beauty in the untouched areas of nature as a contrast to the urban reality, he grew up in.

Koberling paints nature as a symbol of human existence, with unexpected intellectual perspectives framed in ever-changing painterly colour spaces. By expressing his deep connection to nature, Koberling has shaped an artistic world where the observer is invited to embark on a journey beyond the ordinary and into a startling and colourful realm of painting.

Bernd Koberling, born in 1938, lives and works in Berlin. He is known for his contribution to the German contemporary art scene and has explored abstract and expressive art. Koberling began his art studies at the Berlin Academy of Arts in the 1950s, and later antithese to the Berlin Academy of Arts as a professor. Since the 1960s, Bernd Koberling has exhibited in museums and art galleries worldwide. In 2006, he was awarded the Fred Thieler Prize for his life’s work and his contribution to the development of German contemporary painting. In Sweden, Koberling has been introduced on several occasions, including at the Malmö Konsthall and the Nordic Watercolor Museum. Koberling has exhibited in Tokyo, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, and various cities throughout Germany.

Works in the exhibition: