Emma Hartman, “Slint”

Stockholm, 5.10–11.11,  2017

Galleri Andersson/Sandström is proud to announce the third solo exhibition with the Stockholm based artist Emma Hartman. In this exhibition she will show new paintings on canvas and paintings on copper plates.

In Emma Hartman’s paintings there is a movement between the abstract and the figurative. The narrative elements derive from the meeting of colours and associations spring from their contrasts. The soft, creamy sky touches over the dissolved or crisp horizon in a boundless way continuing into elements like clouds, mountains, plains, meadows, beaches and moores. Some parts resemble shallow watercourses, others seem to depict the sea where colours are layered, muddy and opaque. In these dark fields, Hartman emphasizes a sense of weight and a movement towards an experience of reaching the bottom and an end. At the same time, the weight gives the paintings a tangible, almost sensual sensibility.

A recurrent component in her paintings is the light with a source hard to identify. As if light is embedded in the paintings and pigments. The oscillation between the light, atmospheric and the dark and heavy creates tensions in her paintings and a sense of time that becomes a space for exploration. Hartman’s material is a seamless joining of everyday images. How the red headphone cords meet a brown bag, clothes hanging on a chair but also the presence of memories. In her studio she seeks a state where associations flow boundlessly and automatically.

Emma Hartman was born in Örebro in 1974 and lives and works in Stockholm. After studying at Gerlesborg Art School in Stockholm she obtained her artistic degree at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts 2006. Since her graduation Hartman’s work has been presented in a series of separate and group exhibitions in Sweden and abroad. She has received several recognised scholarships such as Rune Petterson’s scholarship, Verner Åkerman’s scholarship and Palle Pernevi scholarship.