Eva Hild, “Consecutive Working”

Umeå, 6.9–24.10  2008

Eva Hild is known for her ceramic sculptures of the finest white stoneware. The creative process begins by laying thin bands of clay in the desired shape; here Hild slowly expands its volume. When the construction is dry, she polishes it with sandpaper to get a smooth surface and defined lines. After the first firing, it is polished even further and then fired again in 1200 degrees Celsius. Lastly, the sculptures are coated with silicate.

The sculptural shape is always organic, with cavities that sways in the circular movements. Born in 1966, she now lives and works in Sparsör, outside of Borås, Sweden. She studied at the School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg, and has since exhibited her works in several museums and galleries mainly in Sweden and the United States.