Hans Op de Beeck, Biography

Born 1969 in Turnhout, Belgium. Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium




Artist at the MoMA -P.S.1 Studio Program, New York

Participant at the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam (post-MA)

Participant at The Higher Institute for Fine Arts-Flanders, Antwerp (post-MA)

▹Masters Degree in Visual Arts, Higher Institute Sint-Lukas, Brussels




‘Pino Pascali Award – 20th edition’, Polignano a Mare


‘Catholic University of Leuven Culture Prize 2009-2010’, Leuven


Prize ‘Eugène Baie 2003-2005’, Province of Antwerp, Antwerp


‘Prix Jeune Peinture Belge 2001’, national art prize, Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels


‘Uriôt Prize’, Rijksakademie, Amsterdam




‘Short Stories’ Galleri Andersson / Sandström, Stockholm (SE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: The Horseman and other stories’, Galleria Continua, San Gimignano (IT)

‘Drifting’, Gallery Pilevneli, Istanbul (TR)


‘Hans Op de Beeck: The Conversation’, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna (AT) ‘Hans Op de Beeck: The Cliff’, Kunsthalle Krems, Krems an der Donau (AT) ‘Hans Op de Beeck: ‘sleeping children adrift on their rafts a distant voice a sighing of draughts crestfallen tulips in artificial light shadows too dark brightness too bright nocturnal meadows a thought someone stole jet-black and shiny the darkness of coal silent servants now calmly unfold a blanket of solace laid on the cold’

Marianne Boesky Gallery East, NY (US)


‘Hans Op de Beeck: My bed a raft, the room a sea, and then I laughed some gloom in me’,

Galleria Continua, Havana (CU)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: The Girl’, Marianne Boesky Gallery, NY (US)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Cabinet of Curiosities’, Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam (NL) ‘Hans Op de Beeck: Kids, Cabinets, Pictures, Ponds’, Galleria Continua Les Moulins, Boissy- le-Châtel (FR)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Sea of Tranquillity’, Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam (NL)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: The Wunderkammer Residence’, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle (BE)


‘Hans Op de Beeck: The Sleeping Girl’, Pilevneli Gallery, Istanbul (TR)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Pino Pascali Award – XX edition’, Fondazione Museo Pino Pascali,

Polignano a Mare (IT)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: The Pond Room’, Kunstraum Dornbirn, Dornbirn (AU)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Out of the Ordinary’, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg (DE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: The Silent Castle’, Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen (DE)


‘Hans Op de Beeck: Saisir le Silence’, Espace 104, Paris (FR)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: The Garden of Whispers’, Printemps de Septembre, Toulouse (FR)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Silent Rooms’, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna (AT)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Small Things and Soothing Thoughts’, Galleria Continua, San Gimignano (IT)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: The Collector’s House’, Art Unlimited, Basel (DE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Night Time’, Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden (DE)


‘Hans Op de Beeck: Décors et Figurants’, Château de Chimay, Chimay (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck’: The Drawing Room’, Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York (US)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: The Amusement Park’,curated by 40m Cube – out site programming, Les Champs Libres, Rennes (FR)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: The Quiet View’, permanent show, Herkenrode, Hasselt (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: in the frame of “12months/12 films – Exploration in Space”, works from ‘The Goetz Collection’, Folkwang Museum, Essen (DE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: The Thread’, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna (AT) 

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Sea of Tranquillity’, Screen Space, Melbourne (AU)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Eyes Closed’, Ron Mandos Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)


‘Hans Op de Beeck: Staging Silence(2)’, MIT List Visual Center Arts Center – Cambridge (MA, US)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Photoworks’, Photoevent, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, De Garage, Mechelen (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Night Time Drawings’, Galleria Continua, Beijing (CN)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Staging Silence (2)’, Toby Devan Lewis Gallery – MOCA Cleveland, OH (US)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Quiet Scenery and Wandering Extras’, Sammlung Goetz, Munich (DE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: The Drawing Room’, Le Botanique, Brussels (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Personnages’, Château de Chamarande, Chamarande (FR)


‘Hans Op de Beeck: Staging Silence (2) – Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville (FL, US)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Metropolitan scenes’ – MMKA Arnhem (NL)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Celebration / Celebration (Buenos Aires)’ – Natlab, Eindhoven (NL)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Staging Silence (2)’ – Art Palacio – Screen Festival – Sao Paulo – Brazil

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Sea of Tranquillity’ – FRAC PACA, Marseille (FR)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Sea of Tranquillity’ – Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, FL, (US)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Parade’ – De Warande, Turnhout (BE)


‘Hans Op de Beeck: Visual Fictions’, Kunstverein Hannover, Hannover (DE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Video Works’, Butler Gallery, Kilkenny (IE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Sea of Tranquillity’, Dirimart Garibaldi, Istanbul (TR)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Sea of Tranquillity’, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest (RO)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: LOOPfestival, Barcelona (ES)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Staging Silence’, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag (GeM), The Hague (NL)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Small Constructions’, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna (AT)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Location (8)’, Bommenvrij, Nieuwpoort (BE)


‘Hans Op de Beeck: Sea of Tranquillity’, ARGOS, Brussels (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Videowork’, Cinema Zuid, Antwerp (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Sea of Tranquillity’, Maritiem Museum, Rotterdam (NL)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Sea of Tranquillity’, Kunstmuseum, Thun (CH)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Sea of Tranquillity’, Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos CAB, Burgos (ES)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Staging Silence’, Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC (USA)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Extensions’ Museum Het Domein, Sittard (NL)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Sea of Tranquillity’, Art Unlimited, Art Basel, Basel (CH)


‘Hans Op de Beeck: Sea of Tranquillity’, Le Grand Café, Saint-Nazaire (FR)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Still Lifes’ Galleria Continua, San Gimignano (IT)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Still Lifes’, Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam (NL)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Silent Movie’, Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York (US)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Works on Paper & Video’, Xavier Hufkens, Brussels (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Rooms, Quai n°1’ (biennial festival IMAGES), Vevey (CH)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Staging Silence’, solo presentation,The Armory Show, New York, NY (USA)


‘Hans Op de Beeck: Staging Silence’, Galleria Continua, Beijing (CN)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: In Silent Conversation with Correggio’, Galleria Borghese, Rome (IT)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Location (6)’, Art Unlimited, Art Basel, Basel (CH)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Circumstances’, Gallery Vartai, Vilnius (LT)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: 5 Sculptures’, Art Banking Club, Moscow (RU)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Staging Silence’, Baukunst Galerie, Cologne (DE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: A selection of video works’, Palais de Tokyo / ENSBA / Le Moulin – Galleria Continua / Souvernirs from Earth, Paris (FR)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Extensions’, Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam (NL)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Blender’, Cultuurcentrum Evergem, Evergem (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Staging Silence’, CC Strombeek, Grimbergen (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: The Room Series’, solo presentation, Art Amsterdam, Amsterdam (NL) ‘Hans Op de Beeck: Paradigms’, (‘curated by’, Vienna ‘09) Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna (AT)


‘Hans Op de Beeck: Celebration’, Galleria Continua, San Gimignano (IT)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Location (6)’, Holland Festival, Amsterdam (NL)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Possible Panoramas’, Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam (NL)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Circumstances’, Rogaland Museum of Fine Arts, Stavanger (NO)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Extensions’, solo presentation, Sh Contemporary (Galerie Krinzinger), Shanghai (CN)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Location (5)’, permanent installation,Towada Art Center, Towada (JP)


‘Hans Op de Beeck: Extensions’, M – Museum Leuven, Leuven (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Extensions’, Centraal Museum, Utrecht (NL)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Extensions’, Galleria Continua, San Gimignano (IT)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: All together now…’, Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam (NL)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: All together now…’, ARGOS, Brussels (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Merry-go-round (2)’, Art Unlimited, Art Basel, Basel (CH)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Drifting’, ARGOS, Brussels (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: The Stewarts have a party’, Derlon Theater, Maastricht (NL)


‘Hans Op de Beeck: Family (scenes and scenery)’, Xavier Hufkens, Brussels (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Tables…’, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna (AT)

‘The Collection XIV: Hans Op de Beeck’, MuHKA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: My Brother’s Gardens’, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice (IT)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Loss’, Viafarini, Milan (IT)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Drawings’, Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris (FR)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Entrance’, Art Rottedam – Ron Mandos, Rotterdam (NL)


‘Hans Op de Beeck: In their minds…’, Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York (USA)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: T-Mart’, MuHKA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Blender’, Galleria Continua, San Gimignano (IT)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Loss’, Chamarande, Centre Artistique et Culturel, Chamarande (FR) ‘Hans Op de Beeck: T-Mart’, Hales Gallery, London (GB)


‘Hans Op de Beeck: Location (5)’, Art Unlimited, Art Basel, Basel (CH)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Ondertussen…/Meanwhile… ‘, Museum of Contemporary Art (GeM),

The Hague (NL)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Loss’, Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris (FR)

‘Hans Op de Beeck’, Galerie Ron Mandos, Rotterdam (NL)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Loss’, Art Positions, Art Basel Miami, Miami (US)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Determination (Vottem Requiem)’, In Flanders’ Fields Museum, Ieper (BE)


‘Hans Op de Beeck: My brother’s gardens’, Xavier Hufkens, Brussels (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: My brother’s gardens’, Hales Gallery, London (GB)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Landscape for Henri’, Musée des Archives d’Architecture Moderne, Brussels (BE)


‘Hans Op de Beeck’, Hales Gallery, London (GB)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Colours’, DOT projects, London (GB)


‘Hans Op de Beeck’, Dorothée De Pauw Gallery, Brussels (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck: Summer with friends’, Team Gallery, New York, NY (USA)

‘Hans Op de Beeck’, Spazio Erasmus Brera, Milan (IT)

‘Hans Op de Beeck & Koenraad Dedobbeleer’, De Warande, Turnhout (BE)




‘Staging Silence’, Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo (NL)

‘Manifesta 13 – Les Parallèles Du Sud, Château de Servières, Marseille (FR)

‘Danser Brut’, BOZAR, Brussels (BE)

‘Take Your Time’, Museum M, Leuven (BE)

‘Contemporary Models of Realism’, MOCAK, Krakow (PL)

‘Auf ins Wolkenkuckucksheim’, ÖO Kulturquartier, Linz (AT)

‘Unstilled Life’, Online Exhibition, Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam (NL)

 ‘Day For (Your) Night’, Le Shed, Notre-Dame de Bondeville (FR)

 ‘De Nacht’, De Warande, Turnhout (BE)

 ‘Peter Paul Rubens and the Northern Baroque’, Dïozesanmuseum, Paderborn (DE)

 ‘Hope There’s Someone (To Touch)’, Catinca Tabacaru, New York (US)

 ‘The Architecture of Deception’, BNKR, Munich (DE)

 ‘Gewoon bijzonder over de vloer’, 38 CC, Delft (NL)

‘15 Years of Galleria Continua: To Be Continua’, Galleria Continua Beijing, (CN)

‘New World – The Power of Dreams’, Iwaki City Art Museum, Iwaki (JP)

‘Sehnsucht & Fall’, Kunstsaele Berlin (DE)

‘In The Absence of the Artist’, Online Exhibition (BE)

‘The Girl, Night Time & Staging Silence (3)’ Screening, Flagey Cinema, Brussels (BE)


‘Natura In Posa’, Santa Caterina, Treviso (IT)

‘Roots of Clouds Adrift’, OCAT Exhibition Site, Nanjing (CN)

‘In the Spotlight of the Night’, Marta Herford Museum, Herford (DE)

‘Imaginaire Landschappen’, Museum Helmond, Helmond (NL)

‘Pompei e Santorini: l’eternità in un giorno, Scuderie del Quirinale, Rome (IT)

‘Family Matters’, Dom Museum, Vienna (AT)

‘Touch Wood’, Museum Moderner Kunst Kärten, Klagenfurt (AU)

‘Who are you?’, La Maison  des Arts, Brussels (BE)

‘At Night. Encounters between Dream and Reality’, Haus der Kunst, Munich (DE)

‘Body Language’, Museum M, Leuven (BE)

‘Glasstress 2019’, Fondazione Berengo Art Space, Murano (IT)

‘Lo Spazio dell’immagine’, MAXXI, Rome (IT)

‘Kino Loop’, Point Culture ULB, Brussels (BE)

‘Staging Silence (2) Screening’, KU Leuven University Library, Leuven (BE)

‘Still Voices Short Film Festival’, Ballymahon (IE)

‘Kunstenlandschap’, Lonneker (NL)

‘The Thread’ Screening, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv (IL)

‘Videoex’, Festivalkino Cinema, Zurich (CH)

‘Setouchi Triennale’, Shodoshima, Setouchi (JP)

‘Art & Diplomacy’, Egmont Palace, Brussels (BE)

‘Kronos e Kairos’, Parco Archeologico of Colosseo 

‘Look At Me’, Argos Centre for Art and Media, Brussels (BE)

‘Art Geneve Sculpture Exhibition Winter 2019’, Court St Pierre, Geneva (CH)

‘miXmass’, deSingel, Antwerp (BE)

‘Flow’, Art Palm Beach, Florida (US)

‘Lost in Space’, Lumiére Cinema, Maastricht (BE)

‘The Gulf Between – over zwart, wit en alles daartussen’, De Warande, Turnhout (BE) 

Modelled Nature In Contemporary Photography’, Kallmann-Museum Ismaning, Museum Haus Ludwig Saarlouis & Stadtgalerie Kiel, (DE)

‘Globe as a Palette – Contemporary Art from the Taguchi Art Collection’, Hokkaido Obihiro Museum of Art, Kushiro Art Museum, Hakodate Museum of Art & Sapporo Art Museum, Hokkaido (JP)

‘Paysages De Formes’, Atelier d’Estienne, Pont-Scorff (FR)

‘Videoland – 10 years of Kunsthal KAdE’, Kunsthal Kade, Amersfoort (NL)

‘Mortalia Dement’, Palazzo Martinengo, Venice (IT)

‘Fiction en Fabrication’, MAAT, Lisbon (PT)


‘At the Factory’, Mecidiyeköy, Istanbul (TR)

‘Fernand Khnopff (1858-1931)’, Petit Palais, Paris (FR)

‘Modelled Nature in Contemoporary Art’, Kallmann-Museum Ismaning, Museum Haus Ludwig Saarlouis, Stadtgalerie Kiel (DE)

‘Domestic and Urban Landsapes’, Fundació Suñol with LOOP Barcelona, Barcelona (ES)

‘Auto Fictions – Contemporary Drawing’, Wilhelm Hack Museum, Berlin (DE)

‘Fernand Khnopff (1858 – 1921)’ – Petit Palais, Paris (FR)

‘Robot Love’, Campina Milk Factory, Eindhoven (NL)

‘How to See (What Isn’t There)’, Neuss (DE)

‘The Sensation of the Sea’, Den Haag (NL)

‘OFF-SPRING: New Generations’, 21c Museum Hotel, KY (US)

‘Raum für Junge Kunst. Sammlung Reydan Weiss. Ohne Etikett fühle ich mich Freier.’, Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, Braunschweig (DE)

‘Seeing Now’, 21c Museum Hotel, TN (US)

‘Hoogte80’, Museum Arnhem, Arnhem (NL)

‘Recontres internationals Paris/Berlin’, Paris (FR)

‘Fame, play, pause’ Sint-Niklaas (BE) ‘Laterale Film Festival’, Cosenza (IT)

‘Kunstenfestival Watou’, Watou (BE)

‘The Sensation of the Sea’, Den Haag (NL)

‘Table Manners’, The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv (IL)

‘Faces’, Museum Dr. Guislain – Psychiatrisch Centrum Sint-Amandus, Beernem (BE)

‘2050. A Brief History of the Future’, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung (TW)

‘Black & White. Von Dürer bis Eliasson’, Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf (DE)

‘Ce qui pèse et ce qui nourrit (R.M. Rilke)’, Musée Rolin-Musée Lapidaire-Hôpital St-Gabriël, Autun (FR)

‘Staging Silence (2) & Night Time: Treasures from the Argos Collection’, Schwarzescafé, Zurich (CH)

‘Rendez-vous’, Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels (BE)

‘Object Love’, Museum de Domijnen Hedendaagse Kunst, Sittard (NL)


‘Perception is Reality. On the Construction of Reality and Virtual Worlds’, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt am Main (DE)

‘La Perspective du monde’, Théâtre de Privas, Privas (FR)

‘Aging Pride’, Galerie Belvedere, Vienna (AU)

‘Hans Op de Beeck’, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen (DK)

‘Dia Sotto le Stelle 2017’, Busto Arsizio (IT)

‘Sterne/Stars’, Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, Linz (AU)

‘ICON – Ideal.Idee.Inspiration’, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna (AU)

‘L’Été photographique de Lectoure 2017 – Cette réalité qu’ils ont pourchassée’, Centre d’art et de photographie de Lectoure, Lecoutre (FR)

‘De favoriete werken van het publiek: Lievelingen van Charlotte Bik’, Museum Arnhem, Arnhem (NL)

‘Celibataire Divas’, Hedendaagse kunst in Herkenrode Refuge, Hasselt (BE)

‘Kunstenfestival Watou 2017’, Watou (BE)

‘Les dix ans du Prix de dessin contemporain de la Fondation Daniel et Florence Guerlain“, Centre Pompidou, Paris (FR)

‘The Other Side – Tales from the Unconscious’, Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen (DE)

‘L’attention au réel – Art Flamand et Hollandais’, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Caen, Caen (FR)

‘Artapes’, MAXXI, Rome (IT)

‘Glasstress Boca Raton 2017’, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, Florida (USA)

‘Hörliga Bilder’, Konsthallen Blå Stället, Gothenburg (S)

‘Enjoy’, Chiostro del Bramante, Rome (IT)

‘Atlas des déplacements’, Musée Hébert Grenoble (FR)


‘From Slow to Stop’, The Holden Gallery – Manchester School of Art, Manchester (UK)

‘Investigations into the Uncanny’, Willem II Fabriek, ’s-Hertogenbosch (NL)

‘Red Desert, The place where activism becomes attitude’, Artvera’s Gallery, Geneva (CH)

‘Devine Decadence’, Kasteel Gaasbeek, Gaasbeek (BE)

‘Les Rencontres Internationales’, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (DE)

‘2050. Breve storia del futuro’, Palazzo Reale, Milano (IT)

‘Walk the line: drawing through in contemporary art’, Bernal Espacio, Madrid (ES)


‘Moving Image, festival’, Le Gaité LYrique, Paris (FR) 

‘Thema #Paquebots’, Théâtre de la Liberté, Toulon (FR)

‘Visual Deception II’, Nagoya City Art Museum, Nagoya (JP)

‘Uncanny Reality – models in Contemporary Art’, Galerie Rudolfinum, Praha (CZ)

‘Le Fil Rouge’, Espace Louis Vuitton , Munich (DE)

‘Le Fil Rouge’, Espace Louis Vuitton, Paris (FR)

‘Out there – Video Art, New Media & Photography on landscapes in Public Space’, Rotterdam (NL)

‘One Big Family’, Alden Biesen (historic site) (BE)

‘The Importance of Being…’, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Havana (CU)

‘All the world’s stage: works from the Goetz Collection’, Fundacion Banco Santander, Madrid (ES)

‘Le Fil Rouge’, Espace Louis Vuitton, Tokyo (JP)

‘Happy Birthday’, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (IL)

‘Imagine Reality’, RAY 2015: Triennal photography project, Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, Frankfurt (DE)

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‘L’auditorium des Musées de la ville Strassbourg’, Strassbourg (FR)

‘KOCHI Muziris Biennale’, Kochi (IN)

‘Thema #15 Paquebots’, Théatre Liberté, Toulon (FR)


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‘The Gesamtkunstwerk Project’, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Victoria (AU)

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‘Indomania’, Europalia.India, BOZAR, Brussels (BE)

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‘SCREEN Festival’, LOOP, Barcelona (ES)

‘The Gesamtkunstwerk Project’, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Victoria (AU)

‘My little Paradise’, co-curated by Sara Weyns and Hans Op de Beeck, Middelheim Museum, Antwerp (BE)

‘EMSCHERKUNST.2013’, permanent outdoor installation at Rheinaue Walsum Nature Reserve, Essen (DE)

‘Artificial Amsterdam’, de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam (NL)

‘Dance’, permanent installation at Red Star Line Museum, Antwerp (BE)

‘Die Form ist uns Geheimnis / Form is Mystery to Us’, Staedtische Galerie Nordhorn, Nordhorn (DE)

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‘Nowaday’, Spazio Erasmus Brera, Milan (IT)

‘C’est beau, c’est belge’, Barbara Farber Gallery, Trets (FR)


‘Not I’, The Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast (IE)

‘Anno Zero’, Cittadellarte/ Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella (IT) ‘Home Wrecker’, Private Space Meloche, Chicago, IL (USA)

‘Lovideo’, The Vedanta Gallery, Chicago, IL (US)


‘Progetto Arti Incontri’, Cittadellarte/ Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella (IT)

‘TroubleSpot. Painting’, MuHKA & NICC, Antwerp (BE)

‘Open Ateliers’, Rijksakademie, Amsterdam (NL)




‘Don Carlos’

Scenography and video design for Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, premiere 19 September 2019 Direction by Johan Simons 

 ‘The Valley (an apocalypse)’ Text, scenography, costumes and direction, for deSingel (BE), Tandem Scène Nationale, Douai (FR), Nazomerfestival (BL) and Romaeuropa Festival (IT),

Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam (NL), premiere 3 May 2019 Musical direction by Eric Sleichim


‘Duke Bluebeard’s Castle’

Direction, scenography and costumes for Staatsoper Stuttgart (DE), premiere 2 

November 2018 Musical Direction by Titus Engel Composed by Béla Bartók, Libretto by Bélq Belázs


Scenography and costumes for Göteborgs Operan (SE), premiere 12 October 2018 Choreography by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui


‘De Nachtwandelaars’

Text, director, stage design, costumes for Het paleis, Antwerpen (BE), premiere 12 November 2016.


‘Nach dem Fest’

Text, director, stage design and costumes for Schauspiel Frankfurt (DE), premiere 19 September 2015.



Stage design by Hans Op de Beeck, concept and stage direction by Johan Leysen, composition and musical direction by Dominique Pauwels, produced by Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, C.I.C.T. (LU) and Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, Paris (FR)


‘Orphée et Eurydice’ (Glück)

Stage design, images and costumes by Hans Op de Beeck, directed by Frédéric Flamand, produced by le Ballet National de Marseille et l’Opéra de Saint-Etienne (FR)

‘Book Burning’

Main concept, stage design and sculptural work, in collaboration with author/actor Pieter De Buysser, produced by Margarita Production, Brussels (BE)


‘Happy End’

Animation film for the contemporary opera composed by Georges Aperghis, a production inspired by Charles Perrault’s tale Le Petit Poucet, in collaboration with Bruno Hardt, Klaas Verpoest, produced by Ictus, Brussels (BE)


Stage design and video works for the contemporary opera by Wim Henderickx, directed by Wouter Van Looy, produced by Muziektheater Transparant, Antwerp (BE)



Stage design and video works for the musical theatre production with work by Claudio

Monteverdi, directed by Wouter Van Looy, produced by Muziektheater Transparant,

Antwerp (BE)




Lecture at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe (DE)

Lecture at Kunsthalle Zürich, Symposium: On Looking IV, The Moving Image. Photographic

Views in Contemporary Art (CH)


Lecture at Theaterschool Amsterdam, HALf6 Public Forum (NL)

Lecture at M-Museum Leuven, SLAC Talk #11 (BE)


Lecture (keynote speech) at Toneelacademie Maastricht, Technology Driven Art (NL)

Lecture at Sint-Lucas KSO Antwerp (BE)

Lecture on occasion of the opening of the solo exhibition ‘Staging Silence (2)’ ‘The Goetz Collection’, Folkwang Museum’, Essen (DE)

Lecture on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition ‘Le Fil Rouge’, Espace Louis Vuitton, Paris (FR)

Lecture on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition ‘Le fil Rouge’, Espace Louis Vuitton, Munchen (DE)

Guest professorship at University of Antwerp, department Mulidisciplinary Case Study, Antwerp (BE)

Artist talk on occasion of solo exhibition ‘Personnages’ à Château de Chamarande (FR)


Artist talk on the occasion of screening of six films at international filmfestival Cinerama.bc, Balneario Camboria, Santa Catarina (BRA)

Artist talk on occasion of screening of ‘Staging Silence (2)’ at Le Gaité Lyrique, Les Rencontres Internationales, Paris (FR)

Lecture at Zurich University, Master of Advanced Programm in Spatial Design, Zurich (CH) Artist Talk on the occasion of the solo exhibition ‘The Drawing Room’, Le Botanique, Brussels (BE)

Lecture at ‘Le Centquatre/Galleria Continua Le Moulin, Le Centquatre, Paris (FR) 

Lecture on the occasion of the opening of the solo exhibtion ‘Staging Silence(2)’, MIT List Visual Center Arts Center – Cambridge (MA, US)

Lecture on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Staging Silence (2)’, Toby Devan Lewis Gallery – MOCA Cleveland, OH (US)

Guest Professorship and lecture at the Academy of Art, Sculpture Department, Antwerp (BE)

Lecture on occasion of the fair at MIA Art Fair represented by Galleria Continua, Milano (IT)


‘Le Centquatre/Galleria Continua Le Moulin, lecture at Le Centquatre, Paris (FR)

‘My little paradise / Mijn kleine paradijs’, artist talk at Middelheim Museum, Antwerp (BE)

‘The Pleasures and Challenges of Collecting and Presenting Video Art’, Panel discussion at THE STAGE, Art Brussels, Brussels (BE)

‘Hans Op de Beeck – Visual Fictions’, Lecture at de Singel, Antwerp (BE)

‘Futuro Imperfetto’ – Winter school Rits & nOna, Brussels – Mechelen (BE)


Guest Professorship (1 semester), Akademie der Bildenden Künste, München (G) Promotor of PhD’s in the Arts, KASK-University of Ghent, Ghent (BE)


Guest Professorship (1 academic year), Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing (FR)

Promotor of PhD’s in the Arts, KASK-University of Ghent, Ghent (BE)


Lecture and tutorials, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, München, Germany

Lecture, UCCA, Beijing (CN)

Professor of Visual Arts, KASK, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent (BE)


Lecture within the framework of the international symposium Matter and Image, Sint Lucas Visual Arts, Ghent (BE)

Tutorials as visiting lecturer, HISK, Antwerp (BE)

Artist Talk, FilmPlateau, Ghent (BE)

VideoArt Avant Garde: Now and Then, Panel discussion, Art Basel 39, Basel (CH)

Lecture and tutorials, Rijksakademie, Amsterdam (NL)

Lectures and tutorials, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale, AZ (USA)

Lectures and tutorials, Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ (USA)

Lecture, European symposium Imagina, Pavillon Bosso – Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Plastiques de Monaco (MO)


Tutorials as visiting lecturer, HISK, Antwerp (BE)

Lecture and tutorials, Art Summer University, Tate Modern, London (GB)

Animated Stories, artist talk and screening, Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing (FR) All together now…, artist talk, Argos, Brussels (BE)


Impakt Invites, artist talk and screening of video work, Impakt Festival, Utrecht (NL) Staging of a non-event, artist talk, ICC Brussels (BE)

Belgian Artists in the International Art Scene, Panel discussion, Lieven Gevaert Research Center for Photography and Visual Studies, KUL, Leuven (BE)

Photography in the 21st century: between tableau and document, Panel discussion, IBK/ MuHKA/ Art Brussels (BE)

Lecture and tutorials as visiting lecturer, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds (GB)

Artist talk on ‘My Brother’s Gardens’, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice (IT)


Tutorials as visiting lecturer, HISK, Antwerp (BE)

Artist talk on the group show ‘NIGHT SITES’, Kunstverein Hannover, Hannover (DE) Lecture and tutorials on the group show ‘En attente’, Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, Luxemburg (LU)

Professor of Visual Arts, Sint Lukas Art College, Brussels (BE)


Guest tutorials, MA Fine Arts, Goldsmiths College, University of London, London (GB)

Professor of Visual Arts, Sint Lukas Art College, Brussels (BE)


Professor of Visual Arts, Sint Lukas Art College, Brussels (BE)




Peter Paul Rubens und der Barock im Norden, Michael Imhof Verlag (DE)

Dolgedraaid, Danser Brut, Mertactorfonds (BE)


EIKON, Hans Op de Beeck: A Scenography of Sentiment, Nicola Oxley and Nicolas de Oliveira (AT)

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Opening KASK Cinema

Group presentation, KASK, Ghent (BE) (26 March 2011) On show: ‘Sea of Tranquillity’

Hans Op de Beeck. A Selection of Video Works

Survey program, Souvenirs from Earth (22 October – 23 November 2009)

Die Nacht / La Nuit #89

Broadcast on video art about death, ARTE France (29 September 2009)

On show: ‘The Stewarts have a part