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Hasse Persson, “Studio 54”

Stockholm, 24.9–30.10 2015

Galleri Andersson/Sandström proudly presents the solo show Studio 54 by one of Sweden´s most respected photographers; Hasse Persson. This is also the first exhibition which takes place in Galleri Andersson/Sandström’s new showroom at Gävlegatan 12. In this exhibition the visitors will take part of exceptional photos taken from the world’s most renowned discotheque.

Studio 54 opened in 1977, and within just a few months it was the most decadent nightclub in New York. The gigantic space offered a disco environment that the world had never experienced – everyone wanted to get in, and the line to get into the venue quickly became an attraction in itself. The owner Steve Rubell handpicked his guests, and stars like Frank Sinatra, Cher and Warren Beatty were denied entry to the grand opening. Swedish photographer Hasse Persson – being one of the lucky chosen ones – ended up having free access to the facility. Capturing the dark premises using an analogue camera was a technical challenge. After many attempts to seize the electrified atmosphere, Persson found that by combining the different ambient light sources (spotlights and disco balls) with a flash and ultra-slow shutter speeds, he was able to capture movement on the dance floor in a unique way. The result is a serie in which each image becomes a short film from a place where fantasy was real and nothing was impossible. 

Hasse Persson plays a major role within Swedish photography, both as an artist and as director at various institutions. In 2011 he was awarded the honourable His Majesty the King Medal for his aesthetic achievements as a photographer. Hasse Persson’s work is represented in a number of Swedish museums, including the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm.