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Jacob Dahlgren, “Model for understanding the world”

Umeå, 27.1–24.2  2011

Model for Understanding the World” is the title of this year’s first exhibition at Galleri Andersson/Sandström in Umeå. The artist Jacob Dahlgren, born in 1970, is returning to our gallery space in Umedalen for his second exhibition, opening on the 27th of January. This time, Dahlgren has chosen to present a new series of concretistic collages, in which the motives are composed out of sandpaper sheets in different colors. As in many of his previous works, there are strong references present, to modern masters’ in art history. Dahlgren is very interested in the aesthetics of everyday life, and how mass produced objects, products and building materials are designed and colored, even though color rarely has significance in relation to function. For example, the sand paper would be just as efficient in gray – yet it is produced in the colors of the rainbow.