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Katrin Westman, “Skall”

Stockholm, 22.2–29.3  2018

Galleri Andersson/Sandström is very pleased to present its second solo exhibition with Swedish artist Katrin Westman (b. 1987).

Katrin Westman’s painting is full of power, sensualism and something that resembles rage. It wraps itself inwards, folds around itself, flows, splashes and explodes in a driven orchestrated chaos. In many of her previous works, the paintings have stretched out of the wall, down on the floor into the room. In this exhibition she shows paintings on canvas, classically hung on the wall. However the artist’s care to come at the viewer from different angels remains unchanged. She wants the observer to meet the works by beholding them as much with the body as the mind.

Westman describes her practice as follows: “In order to be in a constant movement between reality and fiction, I work with three-dimensional and flat surfaces, with sculpture in my mind and my hands in the colour.”

Westman is interested in the boundless; that which is exaggerated and bombastic. In her artistry she has found inspiration from Baroque masters like Bernini and Rubens, which can be seen in the drama and dynamics of the paintings, in their texture and nerve. Westman’s painting is conceptually paired with tangible sensuality and her colouristic palette derives from earthy colours, flirty seductive pastels and different tones of skin and flesh.

In this exhibition, Westman exhibits new works in varying formats on canvas and panel, ranging from small miniatures to large paintings. Regardless of the dimensions of the canvas surface, there is an energy reminiscent of lust and desire and the destructive forces that lie in the nature of passion.
It is a struggle which unfolds on the canvas, inevitably tantalising to the witness.

Katrein Westman was born in 1987 in Örebro. She graduated from the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts in 2015 and currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Westman’s works are found in collections such as Bonniers Konstförening, SAK (Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening) and Kristenhamn Art Museum.

In 2016 she received Vera and Göran Agnekil’s scholarship and a 1-year scholarship from the Konstnärsnämnden (The Swedish Art Council). In 2015 she was awarded scholarships from Anna-Lisa Thomson Foundation, Eva and Hugo Bergman Memorial Fund and in 2014 she received the Kristenhamn Art Museum’s scholarship for young artists, as the youngest recipient ever.