Tony Cragg at Djurgården

5.6–28.10 2016 

Galleri Andersson/Sandström is proud to present Tony Cragg at Djurgården a unique outdoor sculpture exhibition that opens June 5th 2016. The exhibition is initiated by Prince Daniel and arranged by Galleri Andersson/Sandström in collaboration with the Royal Djurgården Administration. Visitors at Djurgården can follow how the work of the exhibition begins to take shape already during the last weeks of April 2016.

The exhibition consist of five monumental sculptures by Tony Cragg where two are placed by the water below Rosendal Palace while the others will be installed along the boardwalk below Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology and The Museum of Ethnography. One of the them, Points of View, is a 6.5 meters tall sculpture in stainless steel. The artistic clout of the sculptures is founded in a distinct visual language with astonishing material properties. The powerful sculptures may at first glimpse look like something that does not come from our time, but instead have been designed by nature itself over thousands of years. For visitors on Djurgården, this will be an exclusive opportunity to experience the eminence of Cragg’s works in an environment where it is presented best.