Ylva Snöfrid, “Between the Acts: A real allegory summing up my artistic and moral life”

Stockholm, 27.4–15.8  2020

This is an allegory submitted to change, a process which relies on my daily rituals. It is an evaluation of the life I have lived and the art I have done. A transformation of earlier works, where it some times is necessary for them to function as utilities or containers, and other times includes their destruction. This is a summary of all the works I have done paralleled by an allegorical summary through thirteen monumental paintings, painted on site during the course of this exhibition.

At certain hours, and under certain circumstances, the viewer is welcome to follow this real allegory, which cannot be experienced in the same state twice. There will be a visual border offering two choices; to enter without outerwear and shoes, or to see the work from three different points outside the outer border. I will not be there when the viewer is present. The duration of the exhibition is indefinite, but will end sometime, when I do not yet know.