Jaume Plensa Slowness

Stockholm, 19.8–25.9  2021


Season opening Thursday 19 August at 5 PM. Welcome!

We at Galleri Andersson/Sandström are happy to start the autumn season with our fifth solo exhibition with the renowned Spanish-Catalan sculptor Jaume Plensa.

The exhibition presents eight new works. Sculptures of slightly elongated, elliptical silhouettes of the young women are characteristic for Plensa, and can be seen in both in public spaces and in private collections around the world. With the sculpture’s eyes turned inwards, the young girl’s silhouettes radiate dreamy and majestic qualities. When entering the gallery, the viewer’s gaze immediately meets Minnas Word’s (2018), an approximately 2-meter-high sculpture hanging from the ceiling. She has raised her first finger to her lips and commands silence.

Instead of instinctively reacting to the visual noise that constantly meets us, the artist encourages us, through his works, to look inwards. Plensa’s art asks questions and portrays situations that encourage the viewer to stop and think again, increasing contact with our soul life, community, and a greater understanding, for each other and upon ourselves.

“My work aims to re-introduce beauty into society, hoping that people might see in this attitude something that allows them to fulfill their potential. As artists, we are sending little messages in a bottle in the middle of the huge ocean of life. Who knows on which beach the bottle will arrive?”

The starting point in his art is and has been literature, psychology, language, and history. Regardless of the material of choice, he manages to give physical body and volume to universal human existential substances. Plensa has a strong belief that sculpture is an extraordinary means of expression, with the ability to reach emotions and ideas. His work ask questions and create situations that call for thought and reflection.

Works in the exhibition: