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Ludvig Helin, “Altered Vision – Double-Nature-Painting”

Stockholm, 22.8–21.9  2019

Galleri Andersson/Sandström is pleased to present the first solo exhibition with the Swedish artist Ludvig Helin. After the successful presentation at Market Art Fair 2019, he is now showing new artworks in varying sizes.

The exhibition Altered Vision creates a tense and exited pictorial where the viewer finds itself in a field of colours – a raw reduction of nature, repeatedly degraded and processed. By adding different elements into complex relations, through colours that consistently contrasts form, Helin evokes an idea. Out of colour displacement and overlapping, a noticeable form is born – something that at first glance seems familiar. The title of the exhibition Altered Vision refers to an equivocal painting in constant change, the narrative seconds before the tangible (synthesis).

“The shapes oppose the language of the colour and vice versa to create visual ambiguity. Two visually distinct surfaces create a third surface with the observer. Abstraction may be the outset, the visually uncertainty the starting point.”

Ludvig Helin was born in 1988 in Norsesund, he lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. He graduated from the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts in 2016. Works by Ludvig Helin can be found in several collections such as Region Sörmland, Uddevalla kommun, Umeå kommun, Region Uppsala and Östhammars kommun. Helin has also been awarded scholarships such as Konstnärsnämndens Assistentstipendium in 2018 and Vera and Göran Agnekil’s scholarship for younger artists, which he received in February 2019 at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm.