Tatjana Valsang, “Light Paint”

Umeå, 26.4–23.5  2014

Galleri Andersson/Sandström is proud to present Tatjana Valsang to the Scandinavian art scene. Light Paint is Valsang’s first solo exhibition with the gallery and her premiere show in Sweden. Using large canvases, the artist abstract paintings convey a complexity within its interaction between color and form. The dynamic and light appearance in her compositions creates a sense of weightlessness. In front of them we find ourselves bathing in light.

After finishing her studies at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Tatjana Valsang maintained working in private, where she through assiduous concentration on partial aspects of her work collected ideas and experience through experimentation. Over time she has developed a technique of her own, a language where individual brushstrokes, developed movements and gestures is essential in her vocabulary. The paint is applied in thin layers on the canvases, and the artist’s technique of painting wet on wet make colors mix and new shapes appear while others fade away. The chronology of her working process remains visible through the formations of overlapping and translucent layers of paint.

“Paint is for me not only important as color but also as a substance. It gives me the possibility to use natural laws and universal principles that determine my colors, forms, structures and compositions. I see my paintings as natural phenomena.“ – Tatjana Valsang

It is an extensive and astonishingly mature painting oeuvre that Valsang has built up over time, and which is now presented in a number of large paintings at the gallery. Through her dedication and desire to make new discoveries Valsang has learned to control what appears to be shaped by chance.

Tatjana Valsang (born 1963 in St. Tönis, Germany) lives and works in Wuppertal, Germany with an additional studio at Tjörn, Sweden.