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Tatjana Valsang

Stockholm, 20.2–28.3  2020

Galleri Andersson/Sandström is pleased to present its third exhibition with Tatjana Valsang. In the exhibition Loggbok Valsang is showing a series of new paintings in varying sizes.

The characteristic features in Valsangs paintings are a complex game between colour, form and composition. Visual conversations are born out of light and darkness, carefully arranged, dynamic and floating. The movement and lightness in her paintings provokes a feeling of weightlessness which brings the mind to matter and optic phenomena.   

Over time Valsang has developed her own technique, a language of her own, where distinctive brushstrokes, choreographed movements and gestures are essential. She applies the colour in thin layers on the canvas, and her “wet on wet” technique makes the colours mix and new forms arise while others disappear. The chronology of her working process becomes visible through overlapping formations and invisible layers of colour.

“Paint is for me not only important as colour but also as a substance. It gives me the possibility to use natural laws and universal principles that determine my colours, forms, structures and compositions. I see my paintings as natural phenomena.”
– Tatjana Valsang

Tatjana Valsang was born 1963 in St. Tönis, Germany and lives and works in Wuppertal, Germany. Since 2010, she is represented by Konrad Fischer Galerie in Düsseldorf and Berlin. Valsang had her major break in 2013 with an acclaimed solo exhibition at the Von der Heydt Kunsthalle in Wuppertal. Since then she has been exhibited in various galleries in both Germany, Italy and Sweden.