Umeå, 11.28–12.20 2013

Galleri Andersson / Sandström in Umeå ends their autumn season with the group exhibition 5:2. Five painters and two sculptors fills the gallery with abstract, melancholic and illusionistic landscapes and shapes.

Entering the gallery you are met by one of Astrid Sylwan abstract, large-scale paintings and Willhem Mundt mysterious sculptures “Trash Stones”. An unexpected relatedness is revealed between these two artists. Color, the round shape, drop dots connects them and interact so well that one can experience Mundt sculptures as an extension of Astrid Sylwan’s peculiar paintings.

Another master of the round shape, Norwegian artist Anne-Karin Furunes, whose perforated screens, hammered with round holes, creates an illusion of figurative motifs. Momentous landscape with tree avenues is the subject in the two new works shown in Umeå. Alongside Furunes painting you find Andreas Eriksson’s characteristic portrait of tree stems in large format.

Heli Hiltunen’s dreamy and melancholy painting combined with photography, a technique that has become her hallmark, is presented in the gallery´s large room. Each image is loaded with the organic language of nature in dialogue with an everyday dirty window. Contrast is strong against Gabi Trinkaus collage. Here the landscape explores our times constant attempts to sell us perfectionism. Lifestyle aesthetics takes over also in how we design architecture around us.

In the middle of the gallery stands a lonely observer. It is Lucy Glendinning´s tender feather boy, which differ significantly from her previous feather sleeping child. There is a psychological suggestiveness we encounter in Glendinning’s skilled conformation of the human body. The dark feather person gives rise to a multiplicity of interpretations – reminiscent of the myth of Icarus, it reflects on today’s technological opportunities for genetic manipulation for good, or for bad.

Participating artists:

Lucy Glendinning (UK), Gabi Trinkaus (AT), Astrid Sylwan (SWE), Heli Hiltunen (FI), Anne-Karin Furunes (NO), Andreas Eriksson (SWE) & Wilhelm Mundt (DE).