Umeå Academy of Fine Arts Master exhibition, “Live is Life”

Stockholm, 21.5–18.6 2022

GSA Gallery is proud to round the season off with a satellite show – titled Live is Life – travelling from the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts at Umeå University.

This degree show, previously on view at Bildmuseet in Umeå, is the culmination of five years of study in Fine Arts, and a time of intensive work, research, and discussion. During the master’s programme, students will have developed their artistic practice and explored the history and contemporary social relevance of art, and its current themes and status.

For visitors, the exhibition offers insights into the discourse on contemporary art, and studies of its techniques and materials.

– Live is Life –

Portraits of activities, imploded details.
Contemporary bustle with the tools of the elite society.
Moldy terrain, as reaches self-destruction.
Global whispers in dark spatiality of floating shapes.
Habitation of a large miniature, with the noise of today.
Tender thorns of shiny beings in their own community.
Letter buildings within and outside the environments of being.
Water memories embraced by polarity of materials.
Autonomous prostheses in punk movement of description.
Complex atmosphere.
We do not know the disorientation.

From a mutual solitary platform of the northernmost of Sweden’s Art Academy of Fine Arts
in Umeå, the graduating Master students exhibit an interpretation of an intricate and fragile
contemporary reality, with pluralistic perspectives from a unique geographical position.

Text by Désirée Burenstrand Schyman


Participating artists: Désirée Burenstrand Schyman, Olga Gniadzik, Oscar Häggström, Susan Karavelli, Therése Lundin, Ellen Macke Alström, Christoffer Mahlknecht, Abdullah Mohammad, Gabriella Novak och Anastasia Savinova.

Works in the exhibition: