Group exhibition, “Lust For Life – Bourgeois/Emin/Kneebone”

Stockholm, 2.26–4.18 2015

Galleri Andersson/Sandström is proud to present a unique group exhibition with three extraordinary artists; Louise Bourgeois, Tracey Emin and Rachel Kneebone. Lust for Life is an exhibition in which artists from different generations present works that all place the human body in focus, primarily the female form, revealing not only its sensuality and vulnerability, but also its strength and passion.

Lust for Life, an expression that suggest vitality and ecstasy, and the title of Iggy Pop’s song from 1977, is manifest in the work of this spring’s group exhibition. The female body is central in Bourgeois’ suite Self Portrait, where ideas of motherhood and birth are being materialised through a small body made of stitched fabric, drypoint on cloth.

Like Bourgeois, Emin’s art is an expression of her memories and emotions: frank, poetic, intimate and universal. Her recent white bronzes – mostly nude self-portraits, but also depictions of a lion and a lamb – show a complexity that is simultaneously robust yet tender, while her neons juxtapose intimate handwritten texts with a medium that traditionally serves more utilitarian purposes.

In Kneebone’s complex new sculptures, the body is ever-present, although it appears fragmented or collapsed. Blurring the boundaries between the conscious and the subconscious, life and death, the work emphasises the physical expression of ideas and emotional states, which provides a link again to Bourgeois.

With Lust for Life we are delighted to invite you to our second exhibition this year.

LOUISE BOURGEOIS (1911-2010), is considered one of the most important artists of our time, and her work can be found in museums and foundations around the world. Characteristic of her work is its highly symbolic content, with references to her early childhood memories and traumas. Visually, they play on contrasts between the rough and the fragile, the male and female, and suggest different layers of sexual references. Currently Louise Bourgeois’ work can be seen in major solo exhibitions at Haus der Kunst in Munich and at Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

TRACEY EMIN, born 1963 in London, is a British artist highly acclaimed for work that is primarily expressionistic, a cypher for memories and emotions that can be frank and poetic, intimate and universal. Using her own experience – and frequently her own body – as source material for the work, she explores ideas of self-portraiture and narrative disclosure, both intimately bound up with her own biography. Emin has called Louise Bourgeois her spiritual grandmother and associations between their work can be made on many levels.

RACHEL KNEEBONE was born in 1973 in Oxfordshire. She lives and works in London and is shown for the first time in Sweden. Kneebone’s finely tuned porcelain sculptures of contorted bodies, limbs and tendrils, often contain historical references ranging from Bernini and Michelangelo to Bosch and Watteau. Her works have earlier been shown internationally, including in the context of Rodin in the exhibition Rachel Kneebone: Regarding Rodin at the Brooklyn Museum, in New York in 2012, and now find a new discourse when shown alongside two outstanding female artists of a different generation.

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